koh chang

Koh Chang (elephant Island) is the largest of many islands that close to the coast of Trat province in the South east Thailand - near the Cambodian border. Koh Chang is still mostly a unspoiled island paradise that is just 4-5 hours from Bangkok by car and just 1 hour by plane. Car and passendger ferries or private boat are the only ways to get to this beautiful island which has two vwry different sides. The West coast in the tourist mecca where you will find myriads of shops, 7/11 bars and of course crowded beaches in busy season.

The east coast is mutch quiter with sleep mountain peaks and tropical forests with good roads that are quite and a pleasure to ride. With coastal bays like salek phet that are stunningly beautiful and untouched by tourism and thoug their are less beaches in the east those beaches are quiet and even in high season there are plently of plaves to relax away from tourism where the water is clean and fresh.